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Curiculum Vitae

I and Elvis Presley in the US-Army

I was in the US-Army from 1958 -1960 (August 1958: 2nd Platoon, Company H, 3rd Training Regiment)
Elvis Presley and I were officially discharged together from active duty March 5, 1960 in Fort Dix, New Jersey, although the official date of release was scheduled for March 23 (Presley) and March 24 (Filippelli) under honorable conditions.

                        Nicola Filippelli                                                     Elvis Pressly



   We met nearly once a week.
 "The King" was in front of me and
   we talked about our mothers
   we missed so much....
   - what an honour!


Nicola Conte Filippelli

Painter and Actor,

born in Calabria (Italy), the son of old nobiíity, Filippelli discoverd his vocation for painting on early age of nine. Numerous successful exhibitions in Austria and in foreign countries confirms his love and passion for the "Tragedia-Comedia Humana".


Nicola Filippelli and Peter Turrini in
the Theaterplay "Die Wirtin"

Painter Nicola Conte Filippelli can point to numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad, with the themes of his works originating primarily from his homeland of Calabria as well as from his home of acting, the world of the theatre.

The Film "Heldenfrühling" by Michael Kehlmann was nominated in Cannes.
1990 Sir Peter handed over personally in Vienna the award of UNICEF to Nicola Conte Filippelli.
2009 Commendatore /The Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Mary of Jerusalem Teutonic of  Svevia

On stage and on screen:

Cooperating in Italy, France, Germany und Austria with famous directors such as Giorgio Strehler, George Moustaki, Tennessee Williams, Axel Corti, Franz Antel, Peter Patzak. He took part in about 70 Films, - "Heldenfrühling" by Michael Kehlmann was nominated in Cannes - , as well as in countless theater produktions. . Peter Turrini dedicated to him the screenplay "Die Bürger" (Volkstheater), which was recited in Italy by Sophia Loren and Alberto Sordi. George Taboris "Mein Kampf", directed by Hubsi Kramer, won the "Nestroy-Best-Off" Award in 2003.
2012: "QVID TVM" as "Michelangelo Buonarotti" at Diagonale Graz, Viennale 2013
"The Devils Violinist" (as "The Drunk") and with David Garrett (as "Paganini ").

Selected exhibitions:

2012  Casino Baden
2011  Galerie Time Petite - Vienna
2011  Art - Innsbruck
2011  Galerie Merikon - Vienna
2010  Galerie Time - Vienna
2009  Galerie Time - Vienna
2008  Arbeitsgemeinschaft für
        Präventivpsychologie - Vienna
2007  Galerie Haider und Kühn - Vienna
2004  Bank Austria - Vienna
2002  Die Galerie - Vienna
2001 Tecco Schloß Esterhazy - Eisenstadt
2000  Galerie Mouratti - Vienna
1998  Benefizgala Wiener Rathaus
1998  Galerie Lehar - Vienna
1997  Galerie am Mölkersteig - Vienna
1995  Vindobona - Vienna
1993  Atelier 3A - Vienna
1991  Gesellschaft für Musiktheater
1991  Casino Velden
1990  Cooperative D`Arte, Piacenca
1990  Wiener Stadhalle - Auszeichnung der Unicef
        überreicht durch Sir Peter Ustinof
1989  Galerie Maringer - Krems
1987  Österreichisches Tabakmuseum - Vienna
1986  Filgrader Galerie - Vienna
1970  Galeria Battagia Via Nationale - Rom
1969 Galerie La Maison, Paris
1968 Gallery Paradise, New York

Nicola Conte Fillppelli

- was born 16th Oktober 1939 in Longobardi
   (Prov. di Cosenza) / Calabria, Italy
-- lives and works in Vienna since 1970,
   Austrian citizenship

  Mommsengasse 6/6
  1040 Vienna

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